The mythical and horrifying Chimera
The Singaporean Hantu Tektek! It was said that she targets children what are left alone and suffocates them. I don't think I need to tell you how she suffocates her victims.
The Gargoyle. Stone by day and lives again in the night.
The Banshee.
A phantom whose soul is locked inside a lantern.
The Warlock.
That is not a feral cat, but a Gremlin.
A suave skeleton ready to go to town.
The Slime/Blob.
The Zombie coming to eat your flesh.
A Grim Reaper. He looks good in purples and pinks.
The Wolfman ready to terrify the villagers tonight.
The Count, or shall I say, Dracula.
Spirits are haunting the skies tonight.
Ah, the Witch. Don't let her cast her spells on you!
Out from his tomb is the Mummy!
The Succubus. Don't let her tempt you!
Is she a Werewolf or an Animagus? You can decide....
The Mermaid of the Swamp.
Monster Mash 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! I decided to make a project that everyday of the month of October I draw a monster. This was a great chance to practice using Prismacolor markers. This is a progressing project, so you will see some additions to this folder.

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