The Passion of Music
A Crime Most Foul
Bargain with Death
Serenade of Tempation
Cursed by Music
The Tale of Julian Schaller (Gallery)

This series that tells a story of a young man who had a strong love for creating music, but that love may later become his downfall.

I was fascinated in how some earlier stories were meant to teach children life lessons and morals. I didn't want to take the idea too far, but only enough to add to the drama and effectiveness to the audience. For a time, I have been developing stories and characters, and then I remembered how Beauty and the Beast started out.

The idea of a folk tale was brought on by the opening sequence of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, the countless urban legends from Hey Arnold, and the morals of the earlier fairy tales. The art direction was inspired from The Sound of Music, the fashions and superstitions of the early 1800's.

The series was created from watercolor paint, micron ink, and colored pencil on 24 x 36 Arches watercolor paper.

Time: More or less 36 hours

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Freelance, Full-time
Emily Blaske
Illustrator/ UI Artist/ Graphic Designer Portsmouth, OH