bubble diagram
floor plan
custom cave/seating
building section
rendered view 1
rendered view 2
rendered view 3
3D axonometric
approach from back view
built model depiction of space
Pop Up Shop- Retail Design

This was a collaborative project with one other classmate and a graphic design student. The graphic design student had a company's product they had to strategically brand for, and our job was to design a pop up shop for that product. The catch was that the design had to be made entirely within the spatial restrictions of a shipping container; the purpose being that it would be a pop-up shop that could travel around internationally via cargo ships carrying shipping containers. The product we were designing for was a recycled cardboard speaker/radio system. This project featured the beginnings of electronic media as a means of presentation, with the exception of the hand-built model to show the space in 1/4" scale.

Emily Reera
Interior Design Student Beverly, MA