bubble diagram
block diagram
floor plan- color blocked by area/department
footwear area- SketchUp
footwear area- hand rendered
bike service area- SketchUp
bike service area- hand rendered
water sports area- SketchUp
water sports area- hand rendered
camping- SketchUp
camping- hand rendered
REI Flagship- Retail Design

This is a design for an REI flagship store. The space I was given is a very large space that was set to be an entire renovation of a previously existing theater. Google Sketchup was again employed for the use of creating visuals and perspectives. My main goal for this project was to separate the large space via the use of effective wayfinding. Each area of the store was color coded and indicated on the ceiling and surrounding walls so a customer could easily find any department of the store without getting lost within the very large space. As part of the retail design aspect of this project, I also had to design unique fixtures that would work well to sell appropriate product in the store.

Emily Reera
Interior Design Student Beverly, MA