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Zero Energy Room - Wordless Poster - This installation art piece explores the dynamics of global warming, and a way to re-narrate the experience of pollution and environmental injustice.

Developed under Professor Katherine Weston for the class "The End of the World As we Know It," with a full description of the project in the Artist's Statement file, also in this set.
Zero Energy Room - Artist's statement - Global warming is a problem whose scale raises questions about the very structure of our society and views about personal agency and responsibility: in order to change global warming, we will need to be reconceptualize our relationship to our actions.
This project is intended as installation art which would re-narrate the viewer's interaction with his or her environment. The project creates a smaller feedback loop in both time and space to reflect the global injustices of global warming.
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Zero Energy Room
Eric Munsing
Sustainability Consultant San Francisco, CA