Bricks Sign Painter's Union

My Senior Thesis in Graphic Design is a kit inspired by the traditions of sign painting, with an updated twist. The kit includes everything a beginner needs: a 50-page history book, an instructional accordion fold booklet, chisel and long liner brushes, sign painting enamels, and a palette complete with origami cups.

The project was completed over a ten week period, with the first four weeks devoted to research and photography. The extensive research I conducted completely shaped the final product. For example, through interviewing practicing craftsmen, I uncovered that bricks were an ever-useful tool in sign panting, providing a grid for lining up and measuring letters. This led me to design the packaging and book based on the proportions of a brick.

I also photographed "ghost signs" in Philadelphia and New York, and dug up early 19th Century sign painting handbooks to fill out the page layouts with relevant and accurate imagery.

Eric Friedensohn
Designer + Communicator Philadelphia, PA