Packaging for Re-use - This design is my recently finished final year degree project. It consists of laptop packaging which can be re-used as a laptop protection sleeve. The user can follow a simple set of instructions, including cutting, folding and sticking in order to change the shape of the primary packaing into the protective sleeve. Polystyrene foam has been replaced in this design with industrial sheeps wool felt. The main aim of this project was to educate the consumer about waste reduction..
Packaging for Re-use - The cardboard has been teated witha natural wax coating to increase its durability and to make it splashproof. however this sleeve is designed to protect the laptop within a separate carrier bag.
Packaging for Re-use - The polystyrene foams often used in packaging have been replaced by sheeps wool felt. this is a natural substitute. it can be recycled and composted and is also very cheap! This project has been branded apple for the sake of realism. However this design could be addapted to suit any brand and even a wider range of consumer electronics..
Packaging for Re-use
Pakaging for Re-use
Packaging for Re-use