Thermoplastic polyester resin: chlorine resistant, low water absorption, low coefficient of friction, different colors and textures.
High performance athletes: female swimmers, before and after moments of the competition: Opportunity scenario, Searching for welfare : Trend behavior, Spa Universe: Reference.
Assist concentration / Movement of light / Pre-competition
Promote Relaxation / Volcanic Stones / After Competition
Carry the swimming accessories at the poolside / Objects for competition: towel, goggles and swimming cap.

Projeto Acadêmico desenvolvido para a inserção da DuPont no mercado esportivo através de uma linha de acessórios para a natação. Orientador: Fernando Casanova / This Academic Project was developed for the insertion of DuPont in the sports market through a line of swimming accessories. Advisor: Fernando Casanova

Érica Luz
Product Designer Belo Horizonte, Brazil