Coffeebar, Truckee, CA.
Intelligentsia Coffee, Logan Square, Chicago, IL.
PDX Starbucks
Extracto, Killingsworth, Portland, OR.
Tiny's Coffee Shop, SE 12th, Portland, OR.
Coffee Time, NW 21st, Portland, OR.
Red e' Cafe, Killingsworth, Portland, OR.
Starbucks near The Art Institute of Portland
Sketchbook Explosion: Barista, Alberta Street, Portland, OR.
Coffee & Sketching

The purpose of this Portfolio section is to show of quick sketches I do while in my free time at coffee shops for fun.

Sometimes during the design process my sketches get lost or destroyed. Looking back through my portfolio I often times wish I could find more sketches to add in.

Eric Groner
Industrial Designer / Product Designer Chicago, IL