Scandinavian Flick Chair

The Scandinavian Flick chair was a design I created during a sponsored studio at The University of Oregon hosted by Wilsonart Laminates. With this design I aimed to capture the feeling of speed and energy. I wanted the user's mind to race while enjoying their favorite beverage in style and comfort.

Our topic for this studio was to design a cafe' chair. I wanted to express the energy of being caffeinated, rather than build a small simple upright chair suitable for a cafe'. My ideology behind this was that to put the user's mind in that caffeinated state without actually being in a cafe'. The lounge chair geometry suggests that this chair is more suitable isolated in a more personal space like the home. The concept of being able to experience a rush similar to being at a busy cafe, while isolated appealed to me.

Eric Groner
Industrial Designer / Product Designer Chicago, IL