This is a Pyro Board I made for a halloween party. A Pyro Board is basically a steel box with perforations on the top side. The Board is driven by a propane torch and two 8in speakers, The speakers change the shape of the flame by altering air pressure. The change in sound frequency as well as the sheer amount of air being pushed through the box by the speakers creates a very intense dancing fire display.
This is my most recent car project: 08 Subaru WRX. In this photo I have had the car for about a year in a half. I have done almost all modifications to the car myself.
PDX Adult Soap Box Derby car. Team Members: Dan Nicholson, Michael Roy, Tim Ploeger, Tony Kan, Mike Bartell, Myself.
Drift Trike
Side Projects & Hobbies

This section of my portfolio is dedicated to the things I enjoy doing outside of "work."

Eric Groner
Industrial Designer / Product Designer Chicago, IL