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20 Bridges T-shirt Design
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New York Open Water

I was asked to design certificates for the New York Open Water's 8 Bridges, 20 Bridges, and 40 Bridges marathon swims as well as T-shirt designs for the 20 Bridges swim and their Governor's Island swim.

For the 20 and 40 Bridges swim, I felt it was important to incorporate all the bridges that the swimmers would see, so I created a repeating pattern using each bridge.

For 8 Bridges, the swim is about the journey of swimming down the Hudson and the bridges represent different stages, so here making the river the focal point was important.

For the T-shirt design, I again used all the bridges, but as a circle to show the idea of swimming around the island.

The Governor's Island T-shirt design focused on the feeling of swimming with a group of people as there are significantly more people in this swim then the other two.

Freelance, Full-time
Erika Norris
Visual Designer Seattle, WA