High School Aerial
Architectural Precast panel design
Skyway Bridge
Gaia House: Interfaith student housing - This is an excerpt of my portfolio
Gaia House-panoramic
End Lounge
House of Glass - This rendering was actually a mistake. I accidentally rendered an interior perspective with a glass material applied to everything.
Gaia House interfaith student housing
Gaia House
Gaia House-early rendering
LVL house adaptation - A sustainable adapation of Rocio Romero's LVL house prefab unit.
Back to nature - This was a rendering I did for fun working with vray and a vine generator.
Cloudstead - This is a manipulation of a rendering I did for the Seasteading Institute's design competition.
Seastead: portfolio excerpt
Fountain Sphere
Lobby - This image was created using a rendering I had previously done and a hidden line rendering of the same view merged in Photoshop.
Cliff-side prison
Campus Museum
Lower Ninth Ward Bridge to Bayou
Twist tube - This was just something I did while learning digital modeling and rendering programs.
Twist tube entry - This, also, was just something I did while learning digital modeling and rendering programs.
Folded House
precast concrete bridge design - this was an entry for a precast concrete makeover of an existing bridge in Marion, Illinois.
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Globe of Arda and Middle Earth - This is a model i created of the world JRR Tolkien created in the Lord of the Rings realm. This was a fun project and explored the capabilities of bump mapping.
Glass of Water
Invasion - Something i modeled and rendered for fun in my free time.
Various Projects
Freelance, Moonlighting
Emerson Stepp
Student at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN