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Some photos of my self-experimental test during the project. I had a deeper insight of the facts of the wheelchair users by this method.
I have come up with some keywords after my researches and this keywords helped me to shape my design.
This is a scenario for a potential user of my wheelchair and I have tried to reflect what would be the basic living principles of the user if he/she have this wheelchair.
A general perspective view of the product with explanations.
This image shows the different usage styles of the product.
Image shows the eye-level heights in both positions of the wheelchair.
Wheel-rims are made out of polycarbonate and this enables user to have a free and transparent surface which can be personalized by him/her. User can make drawings on that surface, write something about him/herself, put a portrait or a group photo of him/her with his or her friends. Disabled people may be more outgoing and self-confident by expressing themselves with their wheelchairs. In this way the wheelchair may starts to be a part of the user's life, rather than a medical device.
In regular wheelchairs, hand-rims are attached to the wheel wih three or four connection points and usually these connection elements may cause injuries to the user while they are propelling the wheelchair or trying to stop it. Users may get their finger caught to the connection elements during usage. But by the help of natural-fit hand rim a more secure and ergonomic use is tried to be provided to the user. Also user can get support from their thumbs while propelling the wheelchair.

At the end of the project I made this prototype in order to show the basic dimensions and mechanism of the product which provides the standing position to the wheelchair. There are some missing parts in the prototype such as footrest and armrests but as aim was to show the mechanism, that parts were not that important in prototyping.
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