Excerpts from my process book.
Casting the last.
Using masking tape to get a pattern.
Mockup #1
Mockup #2
Final sample using a foam/mesh sandwich.
Used an iron-on laminate to simulate a synthetic overlay.
Polyjet printed and painted by Nova Product Toronto. 3D Rhino CAD done with help from my friend, Alexander McKellar.
The initials of the people that helped out with this project. This is my thank-you note to them.
Showing how the liner will fit inside the boot.
3M Reflective Swoosh
My display for the 2014 OCAD Grad-Ex. The show went from May 1-4.
OCAD Thesis Project - FINAL: Nike Kesa Running Kit

Final deliverable of my self-directed project, completed during my final year at OCAD. Full details are on my site.

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Ethan Lee
Footwear Designer Toronto, Canada