Aeryx Sinister Jacket and Pant, '07-'08 Season - This jacket was designed with an obvious punk influence- ragged stitching, bold, diagonal pinstripes, and black leather accents. This outfit also had a less obvious pirate theme throughout, with a special pirate ship label inside, skull embroidery, a face of a kidnapped damsel, and a list printed in latin of everying the famous pirate Blackbeard had stolen screenprinted inside one of the cargo pockets. I just wanted to do something a little different than everyone else was doing.
Aeryx A-Frame Jacket, Aviator Pant 07-08 Release - Inspired by military flight suits and jackets worn by hang-glider pilots in the early 80's, the asymetrical design was used to create a detail-oriented piece that was not only unique, but extremely functional and user friendly.
Aeryx Aviator Jacket, Cargo Pant, 07-08 Release - Also inspired by military flight suits, I designed this outfit to mesh with current trends but incorporated lots of detail to differentiate from the crowd. The jacket has a 3-inch zip off waist extention (not shown) for an urban parka look, while the pants incorporated asymetrical overstitching, leather detailing, laser cut logos, and metal labels. The fabric is a custom two-color woven nylon in a zig-zag weave.
Men's Sinister Jacket Trim Pack 07/08 Release - A more punk rock inspired design with biased stripe panels and random overstitch detailing throughout.
Aeryx Ladies' Asym Jacket and Pant 06/07 Release - This was the largest selling outfit for the '06 season, for both Aeryx and it's parent company, Predatorwear. I used an asymetrical cut & sew pattern, chrome zippers and mixed color blocking to create an outfit reminicent of the punk/glam era. The model wears a custom fabric print I designed using a chopped up allover newstype print.
Aeryx Polycargo Jacket and Pant, 06-07 Release - The Aeryx label was created to cater to a younger, more fashion-forward market than it's parent company, Predatorwear. For the first release, I used basic color blocking with vibrant colors in a herringbone nylon with subtle detail that would appeal to a more progressive consumer. Details include logo-stamped rivets, perforated rubber labels, and asymetrical overstitching such as the diamond stitching on the left elbow.
Aeryx Men's Puffy Jacket, Triad Pant, Women's One-Piece - On the Puffy jacket and Triad pant, I used subtle, asymetrical color blocking that allowed for cross-merchandising throughout the entire line. I mixed flashier pieces such as the white jacket with gold trims and lime green pants along with more subdued colorways like the sand-colored one-piece. The Aeryx line was very well received in the Japanese market, an area where the Predatorwear label had difficulty penetrating.
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin California, CA