Porters Limited team shirt - I was invited to design a limited run of tee shirts for Porters, a Tahoe-based shop for their team of athletes and to be sold in limited quantities in their shops... I went with a fun retro style heavily influenced by the early California skate boom that also reflects the roots of the shop.
Tee Shirts Sao o Nova Hip Hop for Design By Humans - Back in the day, hip hop music was a medium that allowed for self expression and communication to people who didn't always get the chance to do so. From Brooklyn to Brazil, every corner of the globe has felt it. These days, the explosion in tee shirt design is having the same effect, and just like in the days of EPMD, everyone wants to get a deal with a label.
Aeryx Messenger Bag Sketch 2006 - Preliminary sketch of a messenger bag accessory piece to complement the Aeryx outerwear line.
Aeryx Bars Tee 2006
Aeryx Pullover Hoodie 2005 - Basic logo hoodies that I designed to help create buzz for the Aeryx outerwear release in the fall of '06.
Aeryx Crowd Tee 2005
Tee Shirts and Accessories
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin California, CA