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Produced this video of my authentic movement session with Laurienne Singer, as part of ongoing project, The Art of Going Inside.
Christopher Lockett & Scott Inbody on camera. Elaine Smith edit.
Special thanks to Karim Ghahwagi & Blue Velvet.
I interviewed American Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Rigpa as part of an ongoing project called The Art of Going Inside. Video topics include: Buddhist teachings of wisdom, patience, emptiness, lojong practice, and karma. Gen Rigpa is Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center, Hollywood.
Christopher Lockett - Cinematography & Sound.
Elaine Smith - Interviewer, Editor.
I interviewed Los Angeles-based MFT, Alison Smith. Topics covered include: emotional avoidance, addiction, OCD, societal impact, psychotherapy, mindfulness, self-regulation.
Christopher Lockett, Cinematography & Sound. Elaine Smith, Interviewer/Producer. Special thanks to Scott Inbody.
E L A...
Digital Producer Los Angeles, CA