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Conceived & designed this patriotic t-shirt celebrating progressive heroine & US Housemember Ilhan Omar.
Rogue Science design was inspired by the swift creative response of government scientists who set up rogue government Twitter accounts after the newly planted Trump administration scrubbed climate change info from government websites. Bowling Green Massacre was my satiric response to Kellyanne Conway's fake news story.
Conceived and designed Nasty Woman vagina shirt for Y-Que Trading Post, after the final presidential debate of 2016. I designed the We Go High California shirt two days after the 2016 national and local election results. It was inspired by Michelle Obama's famous speech. Photos by me.
Designed after the 2016 election in order to visually communicate what the trending hashtag #NotMyPresident meant to people. Shared by People for Bernie Sanders on Facebook and received over 20K likes.
Photographed and designed meme. T-shirt photographed for Y-Que Trading Post.
Meme inspired by Pussy Riot
Designed for the 2016 primary election. Meme was retweeted by Reggie Watts and received 234 retweets / 169 likes.
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Digital Producer Los Angeles, CA