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The final band announcement with color. Sweet...
(Please click the magnifying glass icon below this image to view higher resolution)
The final hand lettered t-shirt design.
Final inked version before adding color digitally. Pen and ink on illustration board, 11" x 17".
Pencil sketch of the design that led to the final.
I liked this design a lot but it proved to be a bit too busy and didn't leave enough room for the band names.
After a bunch of sketches the client and I settled on this one as a general theme.
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2015 Frendly Gathering Poster and T-Shirt

Band announcement poster for the 2015 Frendly Gathering, a concert held by professional snowboarders Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani. Hand drawn illustration, colored digitally. Please click the magnifying glass icon below each image to full higher resolution. Copyright February 2015.

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Evan Chismark
Illustrator, Designer Stowe, VT