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Worldbex 2013: Living Beyond Limitations

In the rise of smaller living spaces today, home owners are often challenged with how to make their space functional yet aesthetically appealing to fit their lifestyle.This is why the interior designers decided to do a condominium unit with the given space of 17sqm.

They wanted to show how small living spaces can still be glamorous, functional and comfortable in their own interpretation of Hollywood Style.

They envision a sophisticated and career-oriented woman in this space with an appreciation for luxury and the details of great craftsmanship. To exude glamour and to create an illusion of a bigger space, they used reflective surfaces like beveled mirrors, glass, chrome, and high gloss lacquer. To achieve a modern yet timeless design, geometric patterns were used with refreshing colors of mustard yellow and teal paired with neutral colors of gray and beige. Despite the limited space, one can still live in a home in Hollywood Style that speaks of sophistication and comfort.

Evangeline Lim
Interior Designer & Part-Time Interior Design Lecturer Manila, Philippines