Breathing is a perforated foam chair that transforms its shape according to the body shape of the sitter.
Just like taking a breath, Breathing is a chair that can elastically transform and vividly provide the full support for people to sit on. When the user sits on the chair, the edges of the chair automatically become the armrest; also, when the user stands up from the chair, the chair returns to the original shape of a cube. The changing of shape is resulted from the weight of the user, the texture of the material and the interlaced structure, instead of using any mechanism.
The interlaced pattern of the foam serves a function as well as providing an aesthetic. Firstly, the dimensions of the pattern are compatible with the size of the human body. Secondly, due to the varied pulling forces exerted by the interlaced pattern, the body is prevented form sinking too far into the chair. The gaps in the centre are larger than those around the edges, indicating the correct place to sit down.


Evelyn Wu
Neihu District, Taiwan