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Hoops - Logo I made for something at The Hartford
Youshook.com - Youshook logo
SHS Reunion 2005 - Logo for pint glasses for the 5th year reunion for the class of 2005 from Simsbury High School.
Rina & Dani - Made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Faces - Made in Adobe Illustrator.
Based off a painting I purchased in Belize in 2008.
Apple background - Apple background I put together.
The original apple was found using google images along with the back texture.
Wave - Made in Adobe Illustrator
Pluerosigma - Made in Adobe Illustrator.
This image is based off an image taken of a Pluerosigma diatom at 200x.
Soccer - Made in Paint.
Madeline - Made in Adobe Illustrator in 2008.
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Logos & graphics
Evan Katz
Student Boston, MA