Addictions 1 - The first in a set of 4 that I hope to do called "Addictions". These will eventually be simplified and printed on T-Shirts. I want to try and get awat from "normal addictions" so to speak and focus on the more unspoken ones.
Logo - A logo idea i had for my own label
3 line skull. ( or just Jimmy) - This is drawn with only 3 looping paths.
I was playing with the reflection tool.
Greed - A print i will use for a T-shirt. I plan on making a set of four images and printing them as a theme called "Addictions".
This one is aimed at the entertainment industry.
Open Heart - Part of the deck art i was playing with.
Heartache - Originally i started this as a tattoo design for my wife, but it has become to big to work anymore.
Little geckos - An earlier version of the previous image.
Deck Chick - The first deck i created.
I originally was going to call this "Spite" but i dont think it fits anymore...will have to think of a new title.
Gas Mask - I have no idea what to call this as yet unfinished piece. Hence the very original Title.
I have been playing with brighter colors in this one. Not many bright colors i know, but it is a change from my normal thought process.
"Exist in Spite of" T-shirt
Kingfisher - A bird that i admire.
''Move along...nothing to see here'' - I can't describe it...i don't know what it is!!
Illustrator Art
Kev Grant
papamoa, New Zealand