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Made To Upcycle

For the Lifecycles and Flows class, I picked a product to examine its overall impact on the environment using Sustainable Minds software. Her product is a hydration pack called Flash Pack 18 made by REI. The product is designed principally to transport water and a few extra items while running, cycling, hiking, and skiing long distances.

Made to Upcycle bags maximize the lifetime value of Nylon 6 materials, which have the highest impact on the environment. Using a cradle to cradle strategy, this Made To Upcycle approach integrates traditional products into new business models for product service systems. REI can strengthen its customer loyalty by creating more dialogue with the members through the collection process. Outdoor enthusiasts, who are the core customers of REI, care about environmental issues and will support efforts for a closed loop manufacturing system and a process which will benefit the National Park Service.

Emi Yasaka
Environmental + Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA