SoundLite - SoundLite is a communications device that helps the blind and the deaf communicate through nanotechnology. A malleable nanofiber composite rolls out from the main body as a screen that can be configured in different ways in order to connect two or more people who cannot see or hear. Wireless web service connects different units, and voice recognition relays spoken messages, transforming them into type for the deaf. A camera sends video data from the blind's unit to his friend's on the other end. Typed messages, in turn, become relief Braille dots for the blind to read.
Gemini - - Gemini is a visiting chair that stemmed from the question "How can a single piece of furniture unite two people in conversation, while offering a comfortable and defining setting?" Made of a single sheet of bent plywood, the frame cradles two occupants in its cotton-upholstered plush seats. A fitted purpleheart table provides room for drinks or snacks. It is clad in cherry veneer, creating a delightful contrast against the purple seats and table. 19x31x67"
Sketches & Renderings - Sample of my sketching and Alias skills.
Slingshot - Slingshot is a variation of a device known as a "shooting stick"; a portable, one-legged, foldable seat used for hunting. My design caters to campers and hikers who wish to make a quick stop to rest without taking off their gear. When the buckle is undone, the lightweight aluminum arms come up to form support for the nylon belt, which becomes the seat. Slingshot may be used with its leg folded or unfolded, which makes for two different seat heights (17", 26"). 3x3x15" closed, 3x15x26" open
LightWing - Lightwing is a table lamp that both reveals and conceals light with a perforated aluminum sheet in front, and diffuses it through its "wing" on the back. It stands proudly, yet serenely, whether against a wall or in the center of a room. This piece grew through several stages until it came to evoke a bat or an angel, if there ever was any similarity between the two. I just knew this thing could fly. 26x16x11"
Carlos Bauzá
Photographer; Life Coach; Copy Writer; Senior Designer Mexico DF, Mexico