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Banner for a Market 12' wide - Designed to be printed on a 4x12' canvas banner to be put on a small super market next to BYU University.
Concert - The task was to change his suit, use text in a different background. I left the WWF microphone in so you can see he wasn't really singing.
Poster: The Haunted Forest - Assignment was to create a Halloween poster. orig_forest.jpg was the original forest picture I started out with.
Pod Cover
Program - I created this one in about an hour to be used for a message in our churches sacrament meeting program.
CD Cover Assett - Photo's taken from a film a team of us did in film class of a college student trying to find who drank his milk.
CD Cover - Create a CD Cover
Packaging - Use perspective tools to create a package of my own and make it realistic. The original photo was the box of Cheereos. The final project was a box of healthy cerial.
Avatar of Me - Could have been better if I had a higher resolution photo of me... and less clothing to match the event. :-)
Typography - Creativity Using Typography Features
Photoshop CS5.5

Photoshop Assignments for Fall 2011

Feleni Siufanua
Marketing & UX, UI Web Design Payson, UT