Stuff - Sept 2011 - The Play video memo pad is the antithesis of this age of convergence, phones, tablets and, er, tablones. It just does one thing – takes video notes. Look – it's shaped like a speech bubble!
CNET- Jan 2012 - "Give family notes a modern upgrade with Native Union's Play video memo pad. It records up to three minutes of gentle nudges, chores, and grocery needs."
Core77 - Apr 2009 - "That's an iPhone killer"
Slash Gear - Nov 2009 - "Sadly just a design study and not something we'll see announced at CTIA this week"
Gizmowatch - apr 2009 - "Incredible thought and a sleek phone. The concept has a full keyboard in “AZERTY” layout, with a small LCD screen above the keyboard. But the best part is the pull-out LED screen that can work as a storage device, and make file and picture sharing somewhat retro, and also futuristic."
Product Design
Fabien Nauroy
Head of Design Hong Kong, Hong Kong