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Metaphorm Interior Design Study

The “Metaphorm” design study was based on the interior dimensions of the Audi R8, and focused on the creation of an emotional environment for both passenger and the driver, with the goal of “supporting the rush of adrenaline influenced by a charming performance”.
During the first exploratory stages, the decision was made to create a contrast using a combination of solid surfaces and leather, in order to maintain the interaction of a powerful engine and the car’s interior atmosphere.
After months of effort put into styling the clay modeling of this project, the result was unveiled by Mr. Alfredo Stola at the University of Tehran.

The design team that worked on the project included:
Robert Sarkissian – Course tutor
Siavash Jafari Jozani – Designer/Director
Ahmad Ahmadalkhorasani – Supervisor
Leila Ensaniat, Zahra Hosseini Sarani, Fateme Safikhani and Akram Soltani – modelers

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Fateme Safikhani
Multidisciplinary Designer Milan, Italy