A dream project with my father. A historical account of my grandfather's World War 2 from 1942.
Holy Spirit Party offers an account of the miraculous transformation in the lives of college students. This book will encourage college students who see their campus as a mission field and wish to see their peers encounter Jesus Christ, His love, and power.
Holy Spirit: In Person, Not Portions is an extended appendix from Holy Spirit Party and includes additional testimonies of evangelism on college campuses.
When my father discovered letters from my grandfather who died in 1974—12 years before I was born—I was mesmerized to read the answers to my questions that I never got to ask. In partnership with my father, Write Often includes hi-res scans of each of my grandfather's letters from 1942, with another section with the transcription of each letter in chronological order. As a bonus, I was able to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground where my grandfather was stationed briefly when he arrived to Australia, as well as his ex-fiancee's home where he would have dinner with her family and pick her up for dances. This book is now available in the Melbourne Cricket Club Library as well as on Amazon.
In Union and Loved is a marriage ceremony book and a resource for ordained ministers who wish to perform a wedding.
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