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Industrial Designer graduated from UBA (University of Buenos Aires - Argentina), interested in innovation and always looking for new proposals which are of public taste.
Personal Data
Age: 26 years
Marital Status: Single
Current City: Buenos Aires - Capital Federal - Argentina
* Electrical Accessories Company
Objective: Designing a extension socket
Podium: 3rd Place
* Core77 Desgin Awards 2014
Category: Transportation
Presented Prototype: SUDACA - Electric Scooter
Podium: Special Mention
Team members: Ferreyra Federico - Mariano Filippini - Guillermo Callau - Fermín Indavere
It is an electric scooter designed from several problems, air and noise pollution, population growth and potential fuel shortages leading to the need for alternative energy. The idea was to create a lightweight vehicle, rational, comfortable, powered by electric energy and conscious of environmental care.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/motosudaca
Delivery vehicles
HONDA DELIVER: It is a vehicle designed for frozen food distribution, where the cold chain and effort from the user to handle the loading and unloading of the compartments and enter the vehicle were the main factors to consider. The achievement was: the load easier to handle (ergonomic), keep the cold and no doors, so the input is more efficient.
Rest Cabin
OMM: It's a rest cabin designed for the passenger who is used to travel often and have to wait at airports. It is a semi-closed unit where the person may feel in privacy allowing you to rest easy, with space to store your carry-on and an ergonomic design.
Room divider for hospitals
Work done for TH (hospital accessories company). The main objective was to use the company's technology to manufacture a new product, a room divider, whose function is the same as the header panels (providing the elements necessary for the patient).
Scales for children and babies
FEYFE: There are two scales, one for paediatrics (children) and the other for the area of ??neonatology (babies). In both products the formal unity and viability of production is present, since the elements that compose them are the same (except for measuring accessories). Optimizing costs and production time is achieved.
ECO: It is a lamp whose structure and shape are made in 3D printing (raw material: ceramic powder). The theme of the project is based on the manufacture of a product which can not be manufactured with other technology. The lampshade has four magnets to change the angle of the light. You can also remove the lampshade from the main structure.
Tape cutter
PAC+: It is a tape cutter where the user interacts with it in a fun way. Made of resin, its shape looks like a Pacman. The flexible properties of the material allow the user to cut the tape by exerting pressure on the product, the tape appears to be food.
Washing machine
BOSCH: Project based on the choice of a recognized brand in the market and choosing a brand product. A new model was designed and considering the aesthetic principles in each of the objects created by the brand. This way people know to relate the brand name with the formal characteristics of the product.
Wall Clock
Design of a wall clock for an public who feel identified with the product. Specific public: managers of large corporations, shareholders and entrepreneurs who like luxury. People who spend all day in a suit and working in the buildings of their corporations.
Sound equipment
SONY/RIPCURL: For a specific audience that feels identified with the product. He's a young audience that is always at the forefront of all that is cool, he enjoys listening to ska, rap, reggae, the flashy colors and a relaxed lifestyle.
Electric stacker
BLACK & DECKER: Project whose main theme was the election of a multinational company and the design of a machine tool that it does not manufacture. You also had to consider the formal characteristics that the brand uses in its products. The result is the fusion of electric stacker with formal criteria used by Black & Decker.
ELECTROLUX: Re-design a product where its function has been replaced by more efficient technology, trying to compensate for this disadvantage with a much more modern and attractive image, where warm colors have more affinity with the product function. The lights in the commands allow the use of the object in the dark.
Silicone Gun
Re-Designing a glue gun where the main theme is to optimize the ergonomic zones (areas of grips, support and security). This improvement did not represent changes in the original matrix. Optimization occurs only by addition of other elements that enhance the product functionally and aesthetically.
Extension Socket
Design competition conducted by the company Kalop Electrical Accessories. The slogan was design a extension socket where the shape, colors and ergonomics was delivered to the taste of the competitors. But the ease of production and costs would be analyzed.
Tel: +54 11 3968 3231
Cel: +54 9 11 6958 1908
E-mail: fedfnf@gmail.com
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Industrial Designer graduated from UBA (University of Buenos Aires - Argentina). I easily use 3d programs, design and photography digital. Take a sketches course. I'm also good at making scale models. I am interested in innovation and always looking for new ideas. Enclosed is my email and phone.

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Federico Ferreyra
Industrial designer Buenos Aires, Argentina