THE COMMUNITY'S CHAMBER OF THE BLUE FRONTIER (MA Architecture and Urbanism Final Project - 2020)

Detroit is the largest city in the state of the United States of America, Michigan, which is right on the Canada-United States border. Detroit started to grow with the invention of the Ford Motor, the production of automobiles. Known as the 'Motor City', Detroit embodied the fusion of manpower and technology, the centre of capitalism in the US. (Oswalt, 2005). After the second world war, Detroit simultaneously underwent a process of deindustrialization and suburbanization. In 1953 the population began to shrink and cause a sustainable effect in poverty, unemployment, and homelessness. This project aims to interpret the concepts of "We Live Here, We Produce Here, We Distribute Here" and fulfil the basic needs of people as the foundation of Detroit to develop. The location takes place at the Rivertown, right along the Detroit River as the waterline connection between Detroit to other cities and countries

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Freelance, Full-time
Felix Halim
Architect I Urban Designer I Interior designer Jakarta, Indonesia