Forge Lane Makers Park


Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, Architecture Master's course 2013
A multi-functional community of makers, artists, designers & fabricators.


Design a building to represent Stoke-on-Trent’s new industrial district and a masterplan for the area, within the scope set by the regeneration strategy. The building should provide cultural functionality, comprehensive facilities for the manufacture and display of creative products, and put Stoke-on-Trent back on the map for quality manufacture.


The facilities are the basis of a building centred around a connection between maker and user. To truly display its products, a factory must be open to the public. The 'factory shop' allows its customers special access to the experience of how the items they buy have been made.To further connect the building into the local fabric, mixed use units will allow some makers to live on site and helps create a sustainable community.

Felix Mitchell
RIBA Part II Architectural designer, technical and 3D artist, London, United Kingdom