Gelanggang Rakyat Watampone

Sayembara Desain Ruang Terbuka Lapangan Persibo Kota Watampone 2016

This project aims to become a place for Watampone communities learning and also developing their local potential such as local handicrafts and natural resources. The mission, in the next 20 years, Watampone will be able to become an independent city, be able to maximize their potential and resources, local-based economy and be able to market products throughout Indonesia and even overseas. Co-working and commercial areas are designed to be a place for communities learn, work, and grow together.

Competition Entry

In Collaboration :
Ir. Ahmad Djuhara, IAI
Nasya Nabilla
Vincentius Gani
Muhammad Hadyan
Amanda Meilia

Fellicia Amanda
ST, IAI Jakarta, Indonesia