The Vision of Urban Brantas River

Competition Entry

Naufal Forilma

In collaboration
Muhamad Zulfikri
Randy Hardyanto
Vicky Rizaldi
Isnawan Farid
'Mamenk Discrophobial'

-The first phase of development program consist of the activities for dredging the soil sedimentation
-The second phase of this development program focusing on the activity to redirecting the building orientation from disarray building orientation into single cohesive orientation of facade building facing the riverside
-The third phase of this establishment focusing on adding the eco-environmental technology for the distribution of clean water into family housing

Supposedly, this design concept could help to reviving the Brantas River condition, changing the local people habit and lifestyle, and actually creating a better future for the environment.

Naufal Forilma
Architecture - Undergraduate Malang, Indonesia