>Eco Fridge - The >Eco Fridge was my final year Honours Project. It is based on the theme of re-shaping the everyday - Basically to denormalise what we consider everyday objects and to challenge the design and eco efficiency of these everyday items. The eco fridhe aims to reduce environmental impact of both materials and energy consumed. This was a really exciting and fulfilling project!
Set of 3 - The >Eco Fridge is available in three different sizes, uses can purchase just on or variety of different combinations dependent on their needs. Thne units are powered seperatley.
>Eco Fridge Closed - Small organisational storage compartments are available to aid the user in space minimisation and organisation.
>Eco Fridge Open (Drawer) - The >Eco Fridge works on a drawer system rather than a door system.
Remote (Touch Screen) - The touch screen remote controls the refrigerators tempertaure, stores energy data. Also allows the user to log food data. A simple design of the computer programming allows ease of use. The remote is also a very simple design as to to not overload the user.
Interior - The interior of the >Eco Frdige,holds the cooling unit as seen at the back. A light is positioned above, although this is not automatically switched on. It is switched on by the user if neede. The ridged interior adds structural integrity, due to the curved nature it is also easy to clean
Eco Fridge - Rhino Renders