Shh Spaces.. Alternative Productivity & Personal Revitalization, Italy

Zones for relaxation, to work individually or one on one. Solutions for privacy, concentration, inspiration and relaxation
Design concept: to create different areas or zones with ‘levels of quiet’, allowing the user to work more efficiently or relax in a more casual environment. Use of a modular ‘cone’ structure in different positions keeping in mind the various possibilities of the user’s body positions while they carry out his various tasks
‘concentration cone’ tapering towards the top, forming an imaginary focal point, like a point of concentration
‘inspiration’ opening towards the top. Creates a feeling of openness and forms inclined surfaces, to lean against
‘re-lax’ placed horizontally on the floor, forming a tunnel where the user can climb in to be completely secluded – a space of their own. A place to rejuvenate

Fiza Shaikh Nayamuth
Design Associate Mauritius