802 Creative Partners, Ad
802 Creative Partners, Xmas Card
802 Creative Partners, T
802 Creative Partners, T's
Earth Safe, Can Packaging - This is a label I created for Earth Safe. It is a breakthrough company started by a man in Randolph, VT, by the name of Chris Schiendel. He recently sold his concept for dispensing viscous materials to Crown Cork and Seal. The valve is breakthrough because it doesn't release CFC's nor fluorocarbons into the o-zone.
National Life Insurance, Understanding Life Insurance - National Life Insurance Company Booklets
GMCR, Holiday Catalog - Flavored Coffees Spread and Seasonal Cover
GMCR, Summer Catalog
AARP, Catamount Health Brochure
AARP, Catamount Health Mailer
Noyle Johnson Insurance, Mailer Card
STX, Magazine Lead-in for splash page
Noyle Johnson Insurance, Brochure Illustrations - Illustrations for Noyle W. Johnson Insurance Brochure
(RAHA) Youth Hockey Poster - A promotional poster for "Rutland Amateur Hockey Association" youth hockey program
Eurospa, Ad - This is an ad I created for Eurospa of Woodstock. I created this ad prior to the development of the new logo which I created, and can be found in the logos set.
RNB Ad - One Big Happy Family.. Aww.
RNB, Newspaper Ads - Randolph National Bank services people.
Randolph National Bank Annual Report and Welcome Brochure 07 - Annual Report_ Randolph National Bank enters the digital matrix (They are down with the www)...

Welcome Brochure_ Back to roots, industrial Univers
Randolph National Bank Annual Report 08 - Painting by myself of a barn in Bethel, VT... Behind the old inoperable, ski tow.
Retirement Fun & Games
RNB, "Strength" Ad - RNB says "no big whoop" to tough economical times.
Radiantec, Ad
Radiantec, Radiant Heating Ad
Radiantec, Solar Ad
Radiantec Banner Ads - I created a few banner ads for Radiantec that were displayed on the Bob Vila Website to accompany the Radiantec info.

Radiantec Ad for Martha's Vineyard Gazette - This ad ran in the Martha's Vineyard Gazette (notice the black dog, ehy). The ad was designed to show the readers a colorful diagram of how radiant heating works, along with the numerous ways to utilize the technology.
Radiantec, Garden Radiant Ad
Radiantec, Garden Solar Animation - For viewing, and to watch the plants grow!

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Radiantec T-Shirt
Radiantec Retro T
Solarfest, Sponsorship Guide
MRV Magazine Spread
TSS Brochure
Sean Flanagan
Art Director Burlington, VT