font "halfa pie"
Some "TYPE"
Red Square, Jumbo Jazz Fest Posters
Red Square, Sandwich board
Weld Kingdom, Garden Statuary
Weld Kingdom, Tags
Winter Beach Party, Ticket - This is a ticket for a party I had at my house celebrating the New Year and as a remembrance of summer. The heat was cranked and bikinis were permitted.
Monkey House T-Shirt
Ped's Tattoo
"Eastern Boarder Video" Illustration ZOOM in
08 xmas card
Sifted Recordings, Best of CD
Eascoast Snowboarding Magazine, "JEDI" Spread
Eastcoast Snowboarding Magazine, "Eastern Boarder Video" Spread
Eastcoast Snowboarding Magazine, "Magazine Approval" -
sean flanagan says
"Notice of Approval" in every magazine

Full concept and production: illustrated ECS bling necklace, fonts, layout..
Pay the Piper - Gig Card
Pay the Piper
Snowboard graphic
"Watermellon'collie" Skateboard Graphic - Skateboard Graphic
"Cow Shipping" Snowboard Graphic - snowboard graphic
Electro' Deer Pattern
Boxy Pattern
Hosoi Business Card
Other Design
Sean Flanagan
Art Director Burlington, VT