Product catalog for Klausen, a lighting systems company. - This is the most recent work I did. There is a product catalog of 128 pages with all the photographies edited and color corrected. There is also a PDF version on CDs, greatly printed by the RéeL company and there is a website catalog also at (romanian only).
Broshure layout for Biochemie, Austria. - This is one of the many works I did for Biochemie, Austria (pharmaceuticals company), while I was working as graphic designer at the Scheiber-Design company in Kufstein, Austria, in 2001-2002. There were also many other clients that i have worked for. Mostly were done for print.
Different Visual Identities and Logos. - Since graduation in 1992, I have done many Visual Identities and their Guideline manuals for different companies. These are only some of them. They are still using my designs.
Editorial drawings for the IT magazine BYTE Romania. - These are some of the drawings I did, on computer, for the romanian IT magazine BYTE Romania. They were done in 1996-1997. I also did many traditional cartoons for other graphic works of different companies.
Different broshures I did for the Romanian National Opera from Cluj, Romania. - These are some of the broshures I did for the Romanian National Opera from Cluj, Romania. Some have full color covers and the interior in 1 or 2 colors. There were posters done, too.
Miscellaneous works
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Florin Florea
Designer Cluj-Napoca, Romania