Composite rendering of offices of Australian beauty retailer MECCA. Rendered with release 1.4 engine 5, using three layers, for overall, conference room and exposed HVAC.
Composite rendering processed in release 1.5 engine 5, using just two layers, one for overall and one for exposed HVAC.
SketchUp image
MECCA - Veras 1.4 engine 5 and 1.5 engine 5

Veras rendering based on offices of Australian beauty retailer MECCA, located in a mid-century modern warehouse on the MECCA campus in Richmond. Designed by Studio Tate. Features Muuto Cover chairs (red) and Eames tables and chairs. First image processed in Veras version 1.4 engine 5, which has a larger preview pane than the newer version. Second image rendered in the newer version 1.5 engine 5; it appears to have even more realism than 1.4 engine 5.

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