Best Buy Digital Boat Serpentine Fixture - I designed this fixture specifically to meet the needs of Best Buy’s second Manhattan NYC store, 86th & Lexington. The shape and modular construction allowed the fixture to be reconfigured to meet the needs of this limited space and still offer open pathways. This fixture also featured the first use of powered and alarmed retractable posts for digital cameras and camcorders.
Best Buy Chelsea, NY - Chelsea NY was Best Buy’s first Manhattan store. In my role as the Lead Fixture Designer, I guided a team of Display Designers in the development of several unique fixtures, one of which was named as the NASFM fixture of the year for 2003.
Concept 5 Store - As a Sr. Display Designer, I led the development of the unique fixturing featured in Best Buy’s Concept 5 stores. This fixture package evolved out of an exercise to redefine the wireless department. The objective was to design a “High Tech Corral” that would keep the department’s dedicated sales associates from being pulled to other areas of the store. The fixturing system that resulted was flexible, modular and substantially reduced the labor and time required for resets. The fixtures also featured integrated elements to help reinforce the Best Buy brand image.
Computer Valley - I designed this fixture as part of a project to incorporate services and upgrades (pre-Geek Squad) into the Best Buy computer department. The front portion of the counter served as service counter with four stations for Best Buy dot com and Rhapsody Music Service access. The rear counter featured six tech stations where computer upgrades and software installs were performed.
Magnolia Home Theatre - These were rapid visualizations used to generate discussion on what Magnolia’s presence might look like in a Best Buy Store
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Fred Mueller
Sr. Display/Environmental Designer Baldwin, WI