Geek Squad Maple Grove, MN - Geek Squad - Maple Grove, MN. This was the first store within a store test for Geek Squad and Best Buy. I lead a multi-disciplined team of designers and worked with Best Buy properties and Thomas Grace construction to develop this prototype store.
This Geek Squad went from a rough concept sketch to grand opening in 45 days and established the brand look and feel for Geek Squad’s presence in Best Buy stores.
Geek Squad Point of Presence - Geek Squad POP (Point of Presence) - Geek Squad’s desire to expand their customer base led to the development of the POP. This low cost, modular space was modeled on the Best Buy Geek Squad Inside (GIS) environment. The POP allowed Geek Squad to service computers in non-traditional environments and expand brand awareness. Three footprints were developed, 10’X10’, 10’X24’ and 12’X12’. The test stores shown include a local grocery store chain and a national office supply retailer.
Geek Squad GSI - This in-store environment allowed Geek Squad to establish a strong brand presence in Best Buy stores nationwide. The modular wall system could be set up and functioning in a couple of days and reduced the cost of implementation by over 70 percent compared to the sheet rock constructed Geek Squad prototype in Maple Grove, MN. This space could be configured to fit Best Buy's various store footprints allowing for an optimal number of tech stations and labor based on the markets served.
Geek Squad
Fred Mueller
Sr. Display/Environmental Designer Baldwin, WI