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Interchangable Peacock Ring - The story behind this peacock ring is a simple concept. This particular peacock was born without a tail. Not to be outdone, he soon realized a peacock would get nowhere without a tail. So he created substitute tails, made of flower forms, wood, and bits of grass.

The idea is the peacock has 4 pegs, in which you can stick interchangeable dyed plastic tails on pegs. Make your own animal.

This was 3-D printed in Durus White, and the tails are dyed.
Tentacle Usb Case - The front part snaps off, together around your USB, and that snaps into the tentacle.

3-D Printed in Durus White.
A Magician's Ring - This was 3D printed in FullCure 430 Durus White, rubber molded, and cast. It exists in sterling silver.
Personal Sleep Device - I wanted to design a bangle for the insomniac. The sheep are on an inner-track that rotates around the bangle, so you can count sheep infinitely. At least if you do it in groups of 5.

This was 3D-printed in colored Zcorp plaster.
Nessie: The Loveable Monster - This was designed as a 3D-test part for my larger sheep bangle.

All 4 legs are ball-jointed, and Nessie moves on 4 wheels along its bottom.

This was 3-D printed in ZCorp Colored Plaster.
Dragon Bangle - Early CAD bangle I designed.

This one was never printed, but maybe someday.
Wooden Bangle - Based on a log and the natural progression of mushrooms.

3-D Printed in Zcorp plaster (color).
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Kristin Noell
CAD/Jewelry/Toy Designer Philadelphia, PA