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Web design for the new Volkswagen Group Italia corporate portal.
Nuovo sito web per Volkswagen Group Italia, importatrice italiana dei marchi Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Volkswagen Veicoli Commerciali.
Web site made with Contentino CMS.
Web tool dedicated to the italian Seat dealers built by Pallino&Co. and Xplants for Volkswagen Italia.
The CMS tool deliveries dealer site with local contents (edited by the dealers) together with centralized contents (model showroom, forms, etc) by Seat Italia.
The technology adopted is Contentino CMS, developed by Pallino and Xplants.
TRACE - You Can Solve - Naming, pay-off, logo, UX Analysys, UI design for a web CRM Application of Althesis.
Layout of the Konica Minolta Newsletter.
Newsletter aziendale per Konica Minolta.
Logo and layout for the Well-up Newsletter (Unifarco - Rete Farmacisti Preparatori).
Logo e web design per la Well-up newsletter della "Rete Farmacisti Preparatori (Unifarco).
Web design - 1 - Some examples of web design.
Logo and web site for the "Vignetico" Project.
Home page of the "Vignetico" Project.
Web Design

Web design projects.
Art and creative direction, web design, UI - UX design.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Francesco Borella
Project Leader, UX/UI designer Padova, Italy