XSR Bar Stool

XSR is a light stool of refreshingly
original design. The curvature of
the seat inspired by leaf and it is
made of polypropylene offers an
exceptionally comfortable seating
Function and creativity come
together in a new way in the XSR stool.
The shock absorber unit represents
decorative details and, simultaneously,
serve as “cushion” offers a great and
superb comfort.
An overall rich and elegant proposal, XSR comes with a
chromed steel frame for indoor use and stainless steel
structure for outdoor use. XSR is suitable for home, bar or
hotel use.

XSR looks beautiful from any angle and is brilliantly innovative
with its ergonomic shape.

XSR, a refined and timeless design.

Francis Lye
Product Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia