Be Bold - Global nonprofit organization Echoing Green recently published a book to encourage young people to persue careers in the nonprofit industry. I created the look and feel for the book's companion website, matching its vivid, section-based colors with an easy-to-use, modular layout that was templated by programmers using a complex content-management system. In addition, I art directed and photographed Be Bold book readers on location in New York City.
James Fitzgerald Agency - The James Fitzgerald Literary Agency wanted a simple promotional website that better reflected the agency's identity. This clean, fresh design, built using standards-based XHTML and CSS, highlights the agency's sense of style and humor, while remaining accessible and easy-to-use for its primary audience, writers and editors.
No Fear Shakespeare - The No Fear Shakespeare line of books feature the original text of Shakespeare's plays alongside a modern English translation. I created the series' web presence, uniquely representing the book content in web-friendly format utilizing javascript rollovers, a deep search, and thorough navigational tools.
SparkCollege - As web creative director at SparkNotes, I oversaw the creation of a college search portal, controlling the organization and display of data on over 4000 schools. In addition to managing the interface design and production, I worked closely with the software development team to conceptualize end-user utilities like saved searches, and school ratings (users may mark a school target, safety, or reach), and to determine the basic algorithms that classify similar schools in the "View Similar" tool. - As senior web editor, I led a large-scale redesign of the SparkNotes website. I reconceptualized the site structure to better reflect the user experience of searching by subject, and broke each page down into tabular elements for book promotion, online promotion, and affiliation with the corporate partner, Barnes & Noble. Overseeing the tech and design teams in the creation of mockups and working HTML pages, I managed the entire project from concept to execution.
Crown Royal Whiskey - Multimedia development shop ID Society managed the full-scale redesign of Crown Royal's website. As a freelance front-end developer, I was responsible for all image management, HTML coding for non-flash enabled elements and pages, and some DHTML and Javascript.
Bonnie Tsui - Freelance writer Bonnie Tsui wanted a simple and functional site to promote and collect her writings in various print publications. Mastheads indicate the publication, and straightforward iconography indicate where more information, such as article clippings, is available. I designed the site templates and developed all HTML code. - Bilanko is an independent web and DVD publication about culture, travel, and adventure. Editor-in-chief Lauren Bilanko wanted the website and DVD to be clean and white, evocative of her name's origins. I was one-half of a design and development team that worked directly with the editor-in-chief in establishing a look and feel and developing hand-coded templates for each of the magazine's sections.
Brill's Content - The Brill's Content website owed its clean design and color choices, in part, to its print magazine counterpart. Three "top story" spots rotated bi-weekly updates, while the light blue right-side navigation provided advertorial space for partner site, Contentville. I was responsible for much of the design work, as well as hand-coding all template pages and javascript navigation. Daily maintainence of the site was also my responsibility. Brill's Content folded in October of 2001.
The All-Star Newspaper - A web-only spinoff of Brill's Content magazine, the All-Star Newspaper was a collection of links to the best reporting on the Internet. The ASN was updated daily without the aid of a content management system, so the code on this one-page site had to be clean and easy to read.
Web Strategy and Design