The Curse - i drew this when i'm still in high school.. i think :P i'm also Spawn's comic fan, i always wanted to be like Todd McFarlane :P been a fan since he's still working on Spiderman at Marvel :)
little bugger - character based on my hidden part of soul. ah rubbish! say you :P
in my free time
Sons of God - Comic Book Character
wasted - another picture from my own diary scetch-book :P
old stuff - spare time coloring..
me with fishes - whatta??
my old stuff - i like it how they had translate my language. can u understand me more?
Only Human
Character - Playdom Game Character Contest as the front line lone-wolf soldier; big sword, double chainmail for more protection on shoulder and chest while the stomach can still move easily, hard steel armor and helmet, with leather pants, belt, sword case, and gloves. the design is simple enough so can move faster and freely, removable sword case from belt. please vote for me if you like my ideas, thank you very much for your supports.
Miura Kentarou's Comic Addicted - I'm a big fan of Miura Kentarou's Berserk comic book. Do the coloring of my own liking on my free time for this pages.
my old stuff
Bed - Formstone/Coolux Laminate Bed and Bedside Drawer Table Bedside Table Lamp of Paper and Stainless Steel Square Pillow Cushion Bolster Glass and Aluminium Poster Frame
Ideas - warung
boy's room ( 5 up ) - drawers for toys and comics, the height of the bed is enough so that the boy can sit by the end of the bed swinging his feet and occasionally landing his tiny feet to the floor, and that cute lamp. made these furniture based on how i like them to be if i was that boy..
Living room table design concept
computer case - our computer was naked
tiger tattoo -bw - i am still learning about drawing tattoo images.
tiger tattoo - i am still learning about drawing tattoo images.
My Portfolio Printout - Ad Products
resume (print)
miscellaneous projects in a page
miscellaneous projects in a page
miscellaneous projects in a page
Gollum - i'm a fan of LOTR, and i like characters with double personality, either multi personality :)
fisherman's pond - upperview shot!!!
border - a bridge between? :P photo that i took. they're friends of mine
the attic - view from the afternoon
stone pavement
crab - a crab, if you haven't noticed :P
behind nature's wall - environment can't be conquered that easily. they can fight, in their own way, i guessed.
silent wave - this picture has no sound..
the fisherman's surfboard - photo that i took
karang - ship stone
angry cloud
spare time

I like to sketch with my pencil in my spare time, sometimes also making 3D out of things in mind, some even were made unto simple animations, or just taking pictures then did some photoshop with them, thus makes portfolio pages for sharing and having more knowledge from friends.

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Frans Herdiansyah
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