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My first attemp at digital painting!
Render in Sketchbook Design
Quick sketch in photoshop.
SPARE TIME - Concept car
SPARE TIME - Concept car
Samsung light - Here I was practicing my modeling and rendering. This is not my project, it's just a representation of my old cell phone.
Modeled in Rhino and rendered with Flamingo
SPARE TIME - Again another modeling and render practice.

Modeled in Rhino and rendered with 3DS Max with Vray.
SPARE TIME - Adaptation of a palm top that I have.
SPARE TIME - Practicing materials in vray using caustics.
Modeled in Rhino and rendered in 3DS Max with Vray.
Tron arte
Tron arte
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Frederico Prates Vericimo
Designer Industrial na Ventisol Brazil