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Lexel - The Thinking House 00' - Client: Lexel/Havet. The agency's art director at Havet in Stockholm had a good idea of what he wanted. He gave me a good sketch to go from - a sky scraper in the shape of a head. The AD thought the sketch was to round and also requested the building head to be viewed in another angle. The final result was used as a cover page on a external usage marketing brochure.
Orange Swirl - 07' - Client: Pacific Design & Manufacturing. The original image was smaller, darker and lacked the inner orange swirl I was looking for - to match the PDM logo. I recreated the lightblue background gradient to fit over a landscape duplex within a visual aid brochure. I found a better orange photo to incorporate and start tweaking and twisting.
H&M Contemporary 99' Spring Campaign - Client: Lowe Brindfors/Kape (Stockholm, Sweden) The agency's art director was concerned about the tattoo on the shoulder. So I sketched out a new one that he approved. And from there on it was just a matter of making sure it followed the contour of the shoulder in several different model poses. The image has also been color corrected in the skin tones and clothing. Hair and freckles have been removed from the skin. The birds feathers and mans hair has been lightened.
Micro Organisms - PDM logo swirl 07' - Client: Pacific Design & Manufacturing. The swirl was created from three separate images of micro organisms. This was used for a company visual aid brochure. The total image spanned over a landscape duplex in the printed material.
Bubble Burst - PDM Logo Swirl 07' - Client: Pacific Design & Manufacturing. Again, ;) adding the PDM logo swirl to a too small and too dark image. It was fun though. I extended the background to fit a landscape duplex print area.
Face Mosaic - Website 02' - The image on the left was used as a navigation panel on a previous portfolio website I had up and running years ago.
Volkswagen Jetta 01/02' Campaign - Client: Volkswagen. The "Jazz Blue" Jetta on the far right is the original color. Volkswagen provided me with car paint swatches to match in order to get the color right. I made an alpha channel to apply the color correction. I applied proper light box lighting to the color swatch to see how highlights reacted to light and also scanned the steel swatches.
Extended Asphalt 02' - The image on the left is the original. The image was not large enough to fit the proper printed area, so I had to extend the image on both sides. The final image became 25% wider than the original.
Scandinavian Masters 01' Sponsors Campaign - The assignment was to put the Scandinavian Masters logos on the golf balls in a realistic way. I got the right perspective by adding the logos to spheres in 3D MAX. The next step was to make the imprint follow the indention in the golf ball - in Photoshop.
Hemglass - Glassbakelse 00' - Client: Collaborate/Hemglass. Instead of taking pictures of melting ice cream under hot spotlights - I got the job to model and render them in 3D. The final illustration was used on fliers that reached 4 million households monthly. It's also seen on the back of the Hemglass Ice Cream delivery trucks.

For more info:
Hemglass - Various Ice Cream Renderings 00' - Client: Collaborate/Hemglass. More 3D renderings: Hygglo (my first one), the Summer Mix promotional straw, Doglass dog ice cream.

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Hemglass Poppis 00' - Client: Collaborate/Hemglass. The original ice cream was made for The Simpsons. When this ice cream trend hit Sweden, they had to change it due to copyright issues.

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Hemglass - Dubbel Nougat 00' - Client: Collaborate/Hemglass. It was hard to get the lighting and texture right when taking a photo of the ice cream. So I built it in 3D MAX. The final ice cream is used in printed Swedish advertising monthly.

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Flower - PDM Logo Swirl - Client: Pacific Design & Manufacturing.
Light Bulb - PDM Swirl - Client: Pacific Design & Manufacturing. Image created for a landscape duplex print format.
Tap Off - demo reel - 1999 Student Reel. This is an outtake from my demo reel that I produced during my studies at School of Communication Arts, NC. The reel was nominated to the "Garth Gardner's Student Animation Competition 2000", a nationwide competition for students.
Tap Off - demo reel - Character sketches and story board artwork for my student reel in 1999.
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